Jewelry Care


All stones and jewelry need to be taken care of and treated gently for maximum lifespan.

Avoid getting your jewelry wet as some of your stones may be sensitive, and the thread may stretch or wear quicker.

Please refrain from swimming, sleeping, and bathing with jewelry on, and avoid getting lotions and chemicals or fragrances and sprays on your pieces. This will keep your jewelry in tip-top condition for a long life of high vibes!


Because the stones absorb energies from their wearer and surroundings, it's recommended that you cleanse and recharge your stones from time to time. To do this, there are several easy ways:

-Leave out overnight under clear full moonlight (avoid rain!)
-Smudge stones with Sage or Palo Santo wood
-Recharge with Selenite (often available in sticks, bowls, and plates for this purpose, I love selenite bowls for this reason!)


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