About Reiki

So What IS Reiki?

Reiki is a universal, graceful and compassionate energy that can heal on many levels. It is the free passage and transference of Universal Life Force energy directed from healing practitioner to recipient either in-person or from a distance. There is no religious philosophy attached to Reiki - anyone can benefit from it regardless of the mode of personal religious practice, because this healing modality does not interfere with or interrupt your beliefs and practices in any way. Reiki is not invasive, and does not involve physical touch. During a physical session, Reiki does not involve therapeutic massage, and the recipient remains fully clothed during the entire session, in either a comfortable sitting or laying down position.


How Does Reiki Work?

Reiki energy will flow through the recipient's body, which can deeply relax, balance and calm their inner energy system. All our energy systems are linked: Mind, Body and Soul. Each of these are deeply connected and have an effect on each other. When these systems are in harmony, you may experience better health, happiness, and feelings of fulfillment, but when they are maligned in any way, anywhere from chronic illness, injury, depression, grief, these are all being potentially caused by the negative energies or maligned systems within you. When cleansing and healing Reiki energy enters the body, it then in turn naturally flows to where it is needed most and works to cleanse and heal the mind, emotions and the spiritual body, too. For some recipients this may feel like a "purge" of sorts as your body's systems begin to realign during and after your session.

During a Reiki session I recommend you find a quiet, relaxing space that you can lie down or recline, turn down the lighting, and maybe even put soft relaxing music or sounds on in the background. Meditation is welcome as well. The point is simply for you to be as relaxed and free as possible to receive healing energy openly during your session.


What I Will Do

Once you have chosen the date and time for your Reiki session, I will begin preparation. If necessary, I may contact you prior to the appointment date to gather clarification or more details on what your goals are. The reiki process is quiet and peaceful, without discussion once it has begun. In the process, I will be meditating and connecting to Reiki energy to send to you. Sometimes several sessions of healing is recommended, so you may feel like you need further sessions or that you felt so good afterwards, you’d like to make it a regular appointment!

During the session, once connected with my spirit guides and your energy, I will be sending Reiki energy across the distance to you. All I ask is that you be ready and open to receive the healing energy - Reiki will not treat a recipient who is NOT WILLING to accept its flow. It's quite polite!